mumbai to delhi flight

Mumbai to Delhi

We all know that Mumbai is the tech hub of India after Bangalore. It is near to Delhi than Bangalore; people usually tend to complete their studies there. Delhi provides the residents with better facilities than any other metropolitan city. Therefore people can increase their social as well as a frugal lifestyle by making a move. With a safer environment and better living conditions, the quality of life is far better here.

The main reason for the urbanization of Mumbai is migration. It is a diverse state. We see people of different cultures, languages from all over the world living there. The capital state of Maharashtra, though known for its posh lifestyle, is also rich in culture. We see people of all traditions leading an impactful life. It has an alternate name, i.e., the city that is always awake.

So when you are a passenger in Mumbai looking to move to Delhi, your best bet will be to book a flight.

Here are some Mumbai to Delhi flight requirements.

Mainly due to the current COVID rules, the requirements have increased.

As per the government's guidelines, people who land in Delhi should go through a compulsory COVID test. And the people who board the plane in Mumbai should show verification of the COVID test as well.
The ordinary passport, Aadhar or student ID card, and other documents should be in place at both places, i.e., during boarding and landing.
You should follow the SOP guidelines no matter what. Everyone should put on a mask and maintain social distancing.
All the passengers should have the Aarogya Setu app on their mobiles.
If any anomalies occur, then the passenger should visit the medical wing for confirmation.
If any of the passengers show symptoms of COVID, then they isolate them immediately.
A critical aspect that you should take care of is that your present COVID test shouldn't be older than 3days, i.e., 72 hours. If that happens, then they will not allow you to board the flight.
If you meet the age requirements, then it would help if you are vaccinated.
Once you have all the necessary documents for verification, you can apply online. The Mumbai to Delhi flight time and price are 2 hours or more based on the weather conditions and 3000/- plus based on the offers.

There are different flights available. The nonstop flight that starts in Mumbai and lands in Delhi costs around 4000/-. There are connecting flights as well that stop in the middle. They take around 3 hours 30 minutes to land and cost about 4000/-.

So if you are looking to travel from Mumbai to Delhi, then make sure to have all the necessary documents in hand.